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Selfless Love

Don’t love like you need something from them.  Love like you have something to give them…

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His Divinity

Stop showing everyone your humanity.  Show them His divinity within you.

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#TweetThat – Love and Wisdom

Love is passion that is directed by wisdom. Submission to wisdom is the test that love is true… #TweetThat

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Have Compassion

Do not rejoice at the suffering of your enemy.  You ought to feel compassion for every and any soul that does not know the love of God!

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#TweetThat – As I Have Loved You

God did not give you what you deserved, He gave you what He is – LOVE.  And He calls you to do the same.  He says, “As I have loved you, love one another”.

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Don’t Be Discouraged

Why are you discouraged?  Do you think I was discouraged?  Do you think I had a reason to be discouraged?  But I was not discouraged, because I laid no expectations on man.  I had no false ideas about man’s goodness … Continue reading

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#TweetThat – The Proof of Righteousness

We don’t exile ourselves from the world, so that we are untainted by it.  Our righteousness and our love is proven through our daily interactions with the ungodly and the unloving. #TweetThat

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#TweetThat – Set Them Free!

Every sinner wants to know that God loves them!  So keep telling them, even when they say they don’t believe…  The truth will set them free at last! #TweetThat

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The Infection Called Hatred

The one that hates is the one that is sick.  Love them back to health without letting their hatred affect you…

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