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If any man speak, [let him speak] as the oracles of God; if any man minister, [let him do it] as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever…” (1 Peter 4:11).

We need not receive any additional call to live as ministers or speak by the power of God.  It is there for us, as plain as the gift of salvation.  For those who exercise their faith to receive the gift, they become the vessels that God uses to share His Word abroad.  Please read and be blessed, and do your part to preach the Word.

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Who Are You Following?

If you are to lead others, you have first to be led…

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I Never Left

You say “I can’t go back…

Because I don’t want to fail You again…”

But My child, I never left.

I am right here. Behind you…

Hoping that you will lean into Me.

That you will turn around and embrace Me…

And we will walk on together.

I wish you would always know,

That I could never leave nor forsake you.

Yes, you hurt Me.

But it hurts more when you reject My help…

Because I am the only one that can save you.

Everything you need to overcome all you are going through

Is found in Me. I am your Help.

Just turn around, and look into My face.

You will see how much I still love you…

You will see the truth.

That without Me, you can do nothing…

Come on to Me. Abide in Me.

And let Me show you the way…Home.

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Offence Like Fire

Offence is like fire, it breeds offence and spreads widely, leaving destruction at its wake.  You have to be the water that overcomes offence and puts out the fire, and restores hope.  You cannot fight offence with offence.

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Why I Come…

I do not come to You in prayer that You may approve of me.  I know that through Jesus Christ, my Lord, Your only begotten Son, who died that I may have eternal life, I am approved.  I do not come to receive, so that I may be more prosperous in this life…  I also do not come by obligation, to fulfil all righteousness.  

I come that I may know Your will and do it.  I come that I may be pruned of everything that will not bear good fruit in my life.  I come that I may receive nourishment from Your Vine to grow into Your image.  I come that You may help me to abide in Your Grace and Truth, that I may no longer be bound in my mindset and live free and victoriously.

I come that I may know You more, love You more and eminate Your essence more.  I come that my paths may be clear and purposeful and my joy may be full.  I come that we may be One and that You may be glorified in all the Earth.

Thank You, Lord, for the liberty to come before Your throne.

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Shine and Let Others Shine

There’s room enough for every one to shine to the fullest glory.  Do not for fear of the diminishment of yours deny your brother or sister the joy of their shine.  Rather celebrate and uplift one another, so that all will behold the glory of God in the land of the living.

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Status In Me

Your marital status, whether married, single or divorced does not matter.  What matters is your status in Me.  Learn to be content in Me.

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Selfless Love

Don’t love like you need something from them.  Love like you have something to give them…

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Choose Me

My child, why do you go to the desert in search of water?

You will not be satisfied in your pursuit for happiness,

For love and validation, except in Me.

Why do you look to man,

Whose thought every day is wickedness?

Why will you not rest in Me,

Lean on Me, trust in Me…walk with Me?

I will lead you to streams of living water,

Where the sun’s rays do not burn,

Where the air is nourishing and sweet,

And your whole being is at peace…

Choose Me.  Do not be deceived by the enemy…

He will take all of you,

And your sorrow will know no end…

He will never finish consuming you,

Though you will wish and cry for an end…

There is no end to his torment,

Just as there’s no end to the joy I promise…

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Don’t Compare Yourselves

Don’t despise your work by comparing yourself with others.  You cannot grow what you despise, but will destroy it.  Rather be faithful and diligent.

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Watch Against Indiscipline

You have heard it said that “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”.  But watch your life, because indiscipline anywhere is indiscipline everywhere.

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