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Choose Me

My child, why do you go to the desert in search of water? You will not be satisfied in your pursuit for happiness, For love and validation, except in Me. Why do you look to man, Whose thought every day … Continue reading

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You Can’t Kill The Truth

You can shoot down the messenger, but you can never kill the Truth. The Truth stands victorious on the right hand of God, and will judge all on the Last Day.

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#TweetThat – Don’t Seek Acceptance

“Don’t seek acceptance from those who have not received Jesus, for you must certainly forsake the Truth to be accepted of them!” #TweetThat

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Don’t Be Discouraged

Why are you discouraged?  Do you think I was discouraged?  Do you think I had a reason to be discouraged?  But I was not discouraged, because I laid no expectations on man.  I had no false ideas about man’s goodness … Continue reading

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#TweetThat – His Theology Is Sound!

“The Devil adapts himself to our knowledge and expectations and conforms, such that he will no longer deny that Christ came in the flesh…  His theology is sound!” – taken from The Devil’s Ministry. #TweetThat

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#TweetThat – The Light of the World

If you could take God out of the World, you would take the Light from the World, and all that would remain is darkness and despair.  Jesus is the Light of the World! #TweetThat

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