Don’t Be Discouraged

Why are you discouraged?  Do you think I was discouraged?  Do you think I had a reason to be discouraged?  But I was not discouraged, because I laid no expectations on man.  I had no false ideas about man’s goodness nor his ability to pay.  I knew the cost required of Me, and I was ready to pay.  I knew the prize and the goal for My sacrifice and whatever man did or did not do to Me, it was worth it.  I loved them enough not to be discouraged.  I knew them enough not to be discouraged.  I know Me enough not to be discouraged.

Don’t be discouraged.  If they reject you, if they mock you, if they ignore you…even if they hate you, know that they hated Me first.  Do what I did and love them!  Love them, not because they deserve it, but because you must be faithful, as I am faithful to Myself.  For I am Love.  When you lose sight of this, you lose sight of Me.  And without Me, you can do nothing.

It is not about you.  It is not about your feelings.  It is not about your popularity.  It is about Me.  It is about the Truth.

Open your eyes and see that there is so much more.  You don’t need to do all.  Just your part.

Take joy in it.  Take joy in Me.  Take joy in knowing that I have conquered the world.  That it is finished.

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