What Did Jesus Say?

So, you’ve learnt about who Jesus is, and also what He did for you.  It is my hope that you decided to give your life to Him, and follow Him.  If you haven’t made that decision, I hope this page will convince you.  You see, Jesus’ teachings are unlike any teachings by anybody else who ever lived.  Here is why:

1.  Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:1) – This means that every word out of His mouth is directly from God, unlike those who write by inspiration, whose words are fallible.  Jesus’ teachings are infallible, and He said that His words will be our judge (John 12:48).

2. Jesus is filled with wisdom (Isa 11:1-2) – This compliments the first basis for listening to Him.  Not only is He speaking the words of God, but every word is WISDOM, to be cherished above all things (Pro 4:7, Pro 16:16).  People are always looking for a wise person to follow or learn from.  There is no one wiser than Jesus (Matt 12:42).

3. Jesus words are Spirit and Life (John 6:63)  – One word from Him can bring life to any dead thing (whether person, or situation).  By His word, the world was created (Psa 33:6).  By His word, miracles happen (Matt 8:13).  We know that our own words are powerful, they can kill or destroy (Jam 3:5; Matt 12:6).  Far more powerful are the words of Jesus (Isa 55:11)!

4. Jesus is the Truth (John 14:6) – He always tells the truth, because He is Truth (John 1:17).  He can never lie.  If you are looking for someone to trust, you can trust Jesus.  If He says something is white, and it looks black to you…look again, it SHALL be white!  The Bible says, “let God be true and every man a liar” (Rom 3:4).  He wins every argument, because He is the Truth!

Now, the bottom line is that, God has endorsed Him to be His mouthpiece.  He said concerning Him that “this is My beloved Son, hear Him” (Mark 9:7).  If you believe in God, He is telling you to believe in Jesus.  If you reject Jesus, you are rejecting God (John 15:23).  They are One and the same (John 10:30).  If you are struggling with this, go back and read Who is Jesus? again, and pray for God to reveal the truth to you.  I also pray that His teachings will convince you that He is Lord of All and worthy of your devotion.

Now, Jesus said a lot of things.  You can imagine that it would be impossible to capture every single word He said.  Even still, after He was gone, the Holy Spirit, which He sent to His disciples reminded them of His teachings, so that they were able to record them in the four books of the Gospel; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (accepted as complete by most Christians around the world).  John wrote, in closing his book, that “…there are also many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written” (John 21:25).  However, the same Holy Spirit, which was promised to them to remind them of all the words of Jesus, is also promised to us who believe after His time.  He will still lead us into all truth (John 16:13).  The first thing we need to do is trust and obey (John 7:17).

The Bible is often given the same weight as the words of Jesus.  This is an understandable mistake, because we know about Jesus through the Bible.  But the purpose of the Bible, just as the purpose of John the Baptist, who came to prepare the way for Jesus (John 1:6-8), is to point us to Jesus!  There were disciples of John the Baptist before Jesus was baptized and revealed, but the wise ones among them, quickly followed Jesus!  John (the Baptist) said the reason he was sent to baptize people was so that Jesus would be revealed, otherwise, he had no idea who the Lamb of God was (John 1:31).  I would argue that he should have immediately stopped baptizing and followed Jesus (after all, he knew more than anyone else the importance of Jesus’ coming).

Where as the Bible is a sacred compilation of books written by men inspired of God, which prophesied and testified of Jesus’ birth and deliverance, and His second coming; Jesus, in fact, is the infallible Word of God (John 1:1).  He came so that all would know God’s will, and believe and receive the salvation of God.  Unfortunately, many Christians are mixing Judaism with Christianity, in their inability to hear Jesus.  Jesus’ immaculate birth, death and resurrection, fulfilled the whole relevance of the Old Testament (Matt 5:17), and He showed them a new way – often termed The Kingdom of Heaven (read Matthew 5:19 to 7:29, the popular ‘Sermon on The Mount’).  He was clear that those who continue in His teaching are truly His disciples (John 8:31).

Now, that we know the importance of Jesus’ teachings, let us study them and take heed to obey them.  They are the words of life (John 6:68).  If we fall upon them and are broken by them, we will be saved; but if we reject them, they will fall on us like a tonne of bricks, and we will be crushed (Matt 21:42, 44, Rev 6:15-17)!

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