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#TweetThat – Set Them Free!

Every sinner wants to know that God loves them!  So keep telling them, even when they say they don’t believe…  The truth will set them free at last! #TweetThat

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#TweetThat – Logic has no faith!

The Faith/Logic argument about the existence of God will be an unending one; not because faith has no logic, but because logic has no faith! #TweetThat

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#TweetThat – The Light of the World

If you could take God out of the World, you would take the Light from the World, and all that would remain is darkness and despair.  Jesus is the Light of the World! #TweetThat

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#TweetThat – The Answer Is God!

I wish I could say that I don’t know or have the answer to everything, but I can’t, because I do, and the answer is God! #TweetThat

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Missing Joy

When your latest joy ceases to bring you joy, I will be waiting to satisfy you…

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