Start With Respect

If there is respect, there is room for love.  What is love, but adoration?  What is adoration, but heightened respect?  Start with respect.

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#TweetThat – Love and Wisdom


Love is passion that is directed by wisdom. Submission to wisdom is the test that love is true…


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Have Compassion

Do not rejoice at the suffering of your enemy.  You ought to feel compassion for every and any soul that does not know the love of God!

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#TweetThat – Don’t Seek Acceptance


“Don’t seek acceptance from those who have not received Jesus, for you must certainly¬†forsake the Truth to be accepted of them!”


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Foolishness is Costly

Foolishness is costly, and the fool shall pay with regrets.

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#TweetThat! – The Sweet Journey


The Lord’s ways are past finding out… But the journey of knowing Him is sweet and eternal.


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#TweetThat – I’d Rather Be Disciplined By God!


It is far better to be under the judgment and discipline of God than to be under the graces and mercy of the devil!


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