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The Judge Of The Wicked

When the Lord enacts His judgment on the unrighteous, who will say that the Lord is not good?  For God will answer the cry of the righteous and fight their cause.

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His Divinity

Stop showing everyone your humanity.  Show them His divinity within you.

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Have Compassion

Do not rejoice at the suffering of your enemy.  You ought to feel compassion for every and any soul that does not know the love of God!

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#TweetThat – Don’t Seek Acceptance

“Don’t seek acceptance from those who have not received Jesus, for you must certainly forsake the Truth to be accepted of them!” #TweetThat

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#TweetThat – As I Have Loved You

God did not give you what you deserved, He gave you what He is – LOVE.  And He calls you to do the same.  He says, “As I have loved you, love one another”.

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#TweetThat – Christ is my Anti-Virus!

As long as you’re in the world and connected with the world, evil will affect you and seek to corrupt your system.  But fear not, for Christ is your anti-virus and sure protection! #TweetThat

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#TweetThat – The Problem With Evil

The problem with evil is that you can’t choose the type or portion of evil you permit in your life.  When you choose evil, you get the whole package and are exposed to the whole potency of evil… #TweetThat

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