Lessons from Romans 13

Respect the powers that be as established by God.
Submit to authority, and pay your tributes.
Love your neighbour and do what is good.
If you do this, you fulfil the Law of God,
To do unto others as you’d have done to you…

For if you cannot submit to authority,
On whose authority shall you stand?
And if you do evil, you have cause to fear
Judgment in this world and damnation thereafter…
Imitate Christ, and work the deeds of Love.

About Ufuomaee

Ufuoma is a Christian Blogger, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Author. She ministers at www.ufuomaee.blog, serves at www.fairlifeafrica.org and works at business.ufuomaee.org. As Ufuomaee, she has written many books and novels, which you can read via books.ufuomaee.org. You can also find and follow her on GoodReads. Listen to her podcasts at https://anchor.fm/ufuomaee and https://anchor.fm/ufuomaeespeaks
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2 Responses to Lessons from Romans 13

  1. Keith Haney says:

    What a great reminder of the awesomeness of God.

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