Jude Summary

To the sanctified of God, called and preserved in Christ, be mercy, peace and love. Beloved, as I have written to you, you ought to earnestly contend for the Faith; for ungodly men have crept in, who deny Jesus and abuse God’s grace.

Remember how God destroyed the unbelieving Isrealites after they’d been saved from Egypt, and set also as examples fallen angels and the evil cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.  These also are vain and without respect; they are as wandering stars for whom is reserved the darkest oblivion.  They are the ones the apostles warned about, who mock what is holy and walk after their own lusts.

But you ought to build yourself in the Faith, abiding in God’s love and depending on the Lord’s mercy.  Have compassion on some, and deliver others with fear and caution.  Glory and majesty be unto God, who’s able to keep you steadfast and blameless, now and forever, amen!

About Ufuomaee

Ufuoma is a Christian Blogger, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Author. She ministers at www.ufuomaee.blog, serves at www.fairlifeafrica.org and works at business.ufuomaee.org. As Ufuomaee, she has written many books and novels, which you can read via books.ufuomaee.org. You can also find and follow her on GoodReads. Listen to her podcasts at https://anchor.fm/ufuomaee and https://anchor.fm/ufuomaeespeaks
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