Philippians 1 Summary

I thank God everytime I remember you, for your fellowship in the gospel.  I trust that He who started a good work in you shall sustain it until Christ returns.  God knows how much I long for you, praying that your love may abound in greater knowledge and judgment; so that you’ll approve and do what is right.

All that has happened to me were for the furtherance of the gospel.  It encouraged many to speak the word boldly.  Though some preach with contention and competition, others minister for good will and love.  Either way, I am happy that Christ is preached!

I shall never be ashamed of the gospel, but whether I live or die, Christ will be magnified in my body.  Though I’d rather die and be with Christ, it’s good for you if I remain, and knowing this, I will remain for your joy and confidence.  All I ask is that you stand strong in unity of spirit and mind, striving together for the gospel; fearing nothing, but being also ready to suffer for Christ’s sake.

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