1 Thessalonians 5 Summary

I need not write to you about the endtimes, because you already know that Jesus will return as a theif in the night.  In a time of so called peace, the world will be visited with sudden destruction.  But we will not be caught unawares if we are vigilant and sober, and walk in the Light.

We should put on our defence, faith and love as a breastplate, and our hope of salvation as an helmet, without fear of wrath. In this, comfort and edify each other.

Respect your leaders in the Lord, and live in peace with yourselves.  Chastise the unruly, comfort the mentally challenged, help the weak and be patient with all, not rendering evil for evil.  In all things, be joyful, prayerful, grateful, holy, wise and peaceable, that you may be found blameless when Jesus comes.

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Ufuoma is a Christian Blogger, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Podcaster, and Author. She ministers at www.ufuomaee.blog, serves at www.fairlifeafrica.org and works at business.ufuomaee.org. As Ufuomaee, she has written many books and novels, which you can read via books.ufuomaee.org. You can also find and follow her on GoodReads. Listen to her podcasts at https://anchor.fm/ufuomaee and https://anchor.fm/ufuomaeespeaks
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