Romans 12 Summary

Present yourselves to God a holy and living sacrifice, as being part of one Body – which is Christ’s – and submitting in love to one another.  Let your love be evident in your service, giving, manifestation of spiritual gifts, diligence in business and humility in spirit.

Transform your mind and be conformed to the ways of God, which are contrary to the ways of men. Bless, and do not curse, those who persecute you, share in the joy and suffering of others and do not repay evil with evil.  Rather, by your good works, overcome evil with good.

About Ufuomaee

Ufuoma is a Christian Blogger, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur and Authour. She ministers at, serves at and works at She is also a mother and a wife, who is learning to walk in Grace and Truth. Ufuoma has many books within her, and the first to be released is 'The Church Girl'. Preview and download it here:
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