Hebrews 12 Summary

Since we have so many witnesses who have gone before us facing trials, let us also, with confidence in Christ, partake in the race, enduring all things that we may receive the promised reward. Our resistance of the flesh has not led to death, so let us persevere in holiness and receive discipline, which will perfect us in righteousness, for this is why God chastens us. And He only chastens His children, so regard His chastening with love, just as you would your earthly father’s.

So rise up and rise above.  Don’t discard what seems weak, but let Christ heal. Seek peace and holiness, and don’t let bitterness enter in and corrupt. Don’t be like Esau, forsaking an eternal reward for momentary satisfaction.

Endure all things, knowing that you have not come to a terrible mountain, but to Mount Sion, where Christ stands as our Mediator, not Moses.  See how the Isrealites were judged for ignoring Moses. How much greater judgement awaits those who do not heed Christ. But let us serve God with reverence and godly fear.

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