Galatians 6 Summary

Friends, if a man is taken by sin, you who are godly should humbly restore him to righteousness, watching that you’re not also tempted.  Show concern for each other, which is Christ’s law, and don’t think too highly of yourself.  Look after the affairs of your house, so that you’re not a burden to others.

Share the wisdom of God to others, and build up the church.  If you sow worldly seeds, they [and you] will perish, but if you sow godly seeds, they [and you] will endure forever.  So don’t be weary in doing good, but take every opportunity to help others, particularly other believers.

Learn from my example (in the concern I’ve shown through my writing).  Those who seek your circumcision are concerned only for your flesh, and not to do right and suffer persecution.  But God forbid that I should glory in anything apart from the Cross.  Circumcision and uncircumcision mean nothing, only a rebirth.  So don’t let anyone trouble or mislead you, but abide in God’s grace.

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